Yummy Protein Shakes for Women Like Myself!

Today I was told to try a new protein powder from one of my beloved co workers. So I decided to check out a few reviews of the supplement before I purchased it. (I linked the two sites below)  Both websites gave the product pretty good reviews. I ended up succumbing to my co-working and bought the protein.

My initial reaction to my first time tasting the product was wow……this is so good I decided I better make a blog post and let you all know about it! In all of my years weight lifting and running I have never tasted a better protein supplement. And it’s important for women like my self usually lack adequate protein levels so it’s important we band together and stick to good protein shakes for women.(This is where I found that specific protein. I typically make great tasting shakes by mixing my chocolate Syntha 6 Bsn Protein Powder with 2% white milk. When you added the milk to the powder I believe it taste much better. One of the negatives is that the shake is thicker and might contain clumps of powder. However, you can diminish this affect by adding some water to the shake as well. So 75% milk, 25% water. I have yet to come across any shakes that taste better than BSN Syntha 6, with added milk. In the future of this blog I will be posting more information on what supplements I take to weight lift and maybe include some cookie recipes along the way.


What do you think? What brands and supplements do you guys take?

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Bonjour, loveys!

I hope your day is off to a good start. It looks like spring outside my window so day is already looking up.

Last night, after chatting with all of you, I enjoyed half of an apple with some almond butter and a cup of decaf tea before bed.

Snack: 9:45 pm


This morning, I’ enjoyed a blend of cereals (about a 1/2 cup of each shown) with sliced banana, almond milk and my coffee.

Breakfast: 7:30 am


I had an awesome workout this morning and snacked on this baby while getting ready for work:

Snack: 11am

Healthy Apple Pie Parfait

1 medium apple chopped up

1 tsp of coconut oil

1/4 cup of lovegrown apple cinnamon granola

1 tbsp of almond butter

1/2 tsp of cinnamon


Microwave the apple and coconut oil for 30 seconds, stir and microwave for another 30 seconds.

stir in almond butter

top with granola and cinnamon


Seriously, this is like apple pie in a cup. SO GOOD


This afternoon, I thought I’d share with you all some things I’m loving right now.

Things I’m Loving Tuesday, March 5th

1. All of you, my readers!

You guys are seriously the best. I honestly didn’t think anyone would ever read my blog so the fact that so many of you are out there, reading, is just awesome. Also, the support and encouragement you’ve all given me on my journey… honestly can’t get over it. You’re all just the bees knees.

2. Can You Stay For Dinner.

Since I’m on the topic of support from the blogger community, I thought I’d share with you all the blog that started it all for me. I stumbled across Andie’s page from a recipe link on  Pinterest, and I was hooked. Her story is so inspiring, her writing style in beyond engaging, and her recipe and corresponding photography is drool-worthy. Seriously, I think she’s one of the best blogs on the internet, and I want to be her when I grow up (for a number of reasons). I actually found Andie’s blog when I was at my thinnest, but I was miserable and restricting and running hours everyday. And then I read her story about how she lost 135lbs and how, wait, she stopped exercising obsessively (“you could do that, I thought? And maintain weight loss??”). But I wasn’t ready to be honest with myself at that point. I was too caught up in the weight loss and it would take my “fall from grace” to get me to the right place I needed to be in for recovery. So I followed my tragic path that led me to crack, and restrict and binge and be miserable, before I was ready for recovery.

Then I came back to her blog a few months ago, and read it with fresh eyes, and read all the important stuff I had missed. Like how she found peace with food, and confronted her emotional eating issues. And I read about how she stopped letting food control her life, and lost her weight the healthy way, that allowed her to keep it off, and I was re-inspired. She had formed a healthy relationship with food that allowed her to remain slim, healthy, and happy, so why couldn’t I? She found a healthy way to deal with nighttime eating: my constant downfall. After clicking around her blog for hours one day this summer, I was introduced to in my opinion once of the top resources for reading information about good protein powder for women, my life hasn’t been the same since. I know that sounds corny, but i was lacking that particular macro nutrient, since then I have noticed huge results. But seriously, all these women inspire me to live healthily and happily and it’s what I’m trying my hardest to do.

I’ve linked up to some of my favorite of Andie’s posts, so please, check them out if you’re interested or in need of some inspiration.

3. the Skimm

Seriously, though. After reading about the Skimm and on Katie’s blog a few weeks ago, I’m still hooked and loving how easy it’s been making keeping informed for me.

4. Classical Literature.


Now that I’m a “grown-up” and not forced to read these for school, I’m loving rediscovering the beauty of the classics. Well, some of them at least. Jane Eyre will never tickle my fancy, I’m sorry.

5. My bluetooth headphones.


I don’t know about you, but I’m a pretty spastic person. When I’m working out, especially when I’m weight training, I  always wind up pulling my head phones out of my ears and getting tangled in them. So I recently invested in some bluetooth headphones, and they are awesome. It makes my workout so much smoother and more enjoyable!

6.Remington Travel Curlers

I read about these on Monica’s blog and since I have thick hair that takes forever to curl, I figured why not give it a try. I love them! They’re easy to heat up, and my hair sets while I finish getting ready. It’s not as tight of a curl as I usually like but it gives me some nice body and waves with minimal effort!

7.The Possibility of a Book Club

Seriously though, I’m pumped! I’ve always wanted to do a book club with my friends but it never got off the ground. I’m really looking forward to starting one on here! I hope some of you are interested :)

8. The fact that the final countdown to St. Patrick’s Day has begun

Dude, this is like Christmas in March. Seriously, though. I have parades and parties every weekend until the end of March. I’M SO EXCITED!!


Questions of the Day:

What was the first healthy living blog you read?

What are some things you’re loving?


A Recovering Binger’s Guide To Easter

Holidays give me anxiety.

Not as much as they did a year ago, but they still cause a clawing, creeping feeling to slink its’ way around my perception of my self and my self-control and squeeze them so hard that they feel like they’ve been suffocated.

I hate myself on holidays, because I hate myself for hating holidays…. It’s very a complicated place; my mind.

The best way that I can explain it, is that holidays are my favorite things ever (are you confused yet? hold on a sec). I love the festiveness of whatever holiday happens to be occurring, I love the gathering of friends and family and I’m scared of the food.

Yes, I’m a 22 yr old, well educated, intelligent female, who is frightened of inanimate objects.

Because of this I give the food power.


I used to be the life of the party at holiday parties; singing, dancing, socializing.

Now, I’m distracted, because in my head, I’m calculating the calories in something, or if I’ve already given into the binge, I’m plotting how I can stop talking to this person so  I can go fill up my plate again to stuff into my already sore and aching belly.

It’s dark….

It’s ugly…

It’s my mind…

And I want it back!

I’m working on it, and I know I’m better than I was but I still have a long way to go.

So, after reading Andie’s post yesterday, and talking to my therapist, I’ve decided to come up with a “plan of indulgence” for tomorrow.

My plan is going to seem over the top for some but for me, by allowing myself a normal, or even indulgent amount of treats tomorrow, I’m hoping to head off a binge that lead to be consuming much more food than what is listed here.

I’m going with some tried and true number. “Plan for 2, allow for 3″ has been my mantra with drinking the past few months and when I’ve stuck to that, I’ve had some of my best experiences with alcohol in that time.

So, because I’m still 5 years old at heart, I will have an Easter basket from my mother and father waiting for me in the morning.


Instead  of looking at it as the enemy, I’m going to enjoy that damn basket!

And apply the  ”Plan for 2, allow for 3″ rule.

And then I’m going to enjoy Easter Brunch and Dinner and plan to eat healthier foods while applying the  ”plan for 2, allow for 3″ of the meal indulgences.

And then, when dessert roles around, I will again apply  ”plan for 2, allow for 3.”

While this will certainly be a lot of indulgences, I hope that by allowing for a lot, I will not feel restricted at all, and feel the need to binge. I’m a planner, so I’m planning to eat a lot of Easter candy. My goal is not to feel miserable about it and eat it all.

My ultimate goals, obviously, is to not have to this type of planning in the future. But right now, I need to. And who knows, maybe by next Easter, this will all be unnecessary for me! Here’s hoping :)

Your turn, friends:

Do you get anxiety about the holidays?

How do you deal with indulgences?

Sometimes it’s ok…

Hi friends!

How is your week going? Frankly, I hope it’s going better than mine. It’s been a crazy, stressful, emotional week, and all the love and support I get from all of you on this blog helps make it better So thank you for that!!

Anyway yesterday was a “awful, no good, very bad day,” which seemed to just be part of a string of those creating a “awful, no good, very bad week.” (Dr. Seuss, anyone? #exnannyprobs) I was late to work, I sprained my ankle running into work ( in front of a group of frat boys day [morning] drinking on their front lawn, spilling my iced coffee down my white shirt, which was I stuck wearing till I got home at 10pm. Have I mentioned I work at a college?) which was just awwwweeeesome. Then work was even busier than usual, so I was rushing to job number #2, where I spent the majority of the time, in the rafters, hanging set pieces while yelling choreography down to my kids practicing on the stage below. Afterwards I had to go to class, where we had a pop quiz (who gives pop quizzes in grad school) which I aced but stressed me out nonetheless.

When I finally got home, exhausted, achey and dirty, I took one list at my to-do-list and said “Screw it!” (Actually I said a different word, but you get the point  ). Thus the inspiration for this post was born (inspired by the same type of list in the Glamour magazine I was reading instead of doing my work last night!)

Sometimes It’s Ok….

1) Sometimes it’s ok to totally ignore your large to-do-list, and sit on the couch with a glass of wine and a silly magazine, because you just don’t feel like making your brain work anymore that day.


2) Sometimes it’s ok to still feel guilty about not getting to your to-do list and lay awake adding things to the emergency to-do-list you keep at your bedside in case of nights like this (am I the only one?)

3) Sometimes it’s ok to not recognize a thing you scribbled down on the that 2am to-do-list when you wake up in the morning.

4) Sometimes it’s ok to throw your schedule out the window and spend all your free time visiting with your gram, then working out or getting ahead on school/work things.


5) Sometimes it’s ok to start that research paper due the next day at 2am because you just got home from said visiting. Hey, it’s kind of like being back at college, right?


6) Sometimes it’s ok to indulge your expensive coffee addictions multiple times during a stressful week because the thought of making your own right now is just not happening.

7) Sometimes it’s ok to cry when you wake up with a swollen ankle on the one morning you could have possibly worked out that week.

8) Sometimes it’s ok to, embarrass your brother on all forms of social media for National Siblings Day.


9)Sometimes it’s ok to be struck by the gorgeousness of a perfect strawberry and base your whole breakfast around it.


10) Sometimes it’s ok to be irrationally pissed off that your new jar of peanut butter seems to have grown mold overnight.


11) Sometimes it’s ok when you recognize that things right now maybe are not so great, but you’re still lucky and blessed and have a lot to be grateful for.

12) AND SOMETIMES it’s ok to add this extra line because you hate ending things on odd numbers

What are some things that “sometimes ok to do” in your life?